Design + BUILD

One of our objectives is to create a healthy environment for your plants, turf and trees to flourish and thrive.

With that in mind, we offer the following design, build and installation services.

•  Landscape Design
•  Landscape Renovation
•  New Construction
•  Irrigation + Lighting

We have won multiple awards over the years for our work, including three awards in 2022 from the Northern California Chapter of the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA)

•  Maintenance Sweepstakes Award
•  First Place Medium Design Build
•  First Place Large Residential Landscape



In order to grow and thrive, all gardens need regular, year-round maintenance with proper expertise and supervision. In other words, your home needs a skilled crew. 

Lou Penning Landscapes has one of the best landscape maintenance teams in the Napa Valley area. We are qualified and certified to perform the tasks associated with routine landscape maintenance. 

We not only use high quality products and materials, we also know when and how to apply them.

In addition, we offer our maintenance clients the following services:

•  Lighting Installation and Maintenance
•  Irrigation Installation and Maintenance
•  Vegetable Garden Installation and Maintenance

vegetable gardening

We strive to provide beautiful, yet functional vegetable gardens. 

We use organic gardening methods, amendments and fertilizers, while also focusing on plants that harmonize with local insects and wildlife. 

Planting flowers with vegetables provides a lovely focal point and helps with . Flowers in the landscape can help with soil health, as well as attracting hummingbirds and butterflies.

Our vegetable garden services include design, preparation, installation, and maintenance. Additionally, we can teach you how to harvest and identify your fruits and vegetables or we can do that for you.

Our vegetable gardens have won multiple awards, including First Place in 2022 for CLCA’s Sustainable Installation Award and Gardenista’s 2018 Best Edible Garden Award.


Our maintenance program emphasizes the importance of healthy soil as the key to healthy plants. 

We use fertilizers with a high microbial diversity that supplies necessary nutrients to the soil and plants. 

These organic applications help by:

•  Increasing soil health
•  Improving the natural life of the soil
•  Improving water retention
•  Encouraging the growth of healthy roots

Our liquid applications focus on perennials, roses, citrus and fruit trees, as well as other plants that need additional nutrients.